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Siege is an enthralling game of strategy set against a backdrop of turbulent Medieval history.

Siege® places you in control of one of five powerful nations as they battle it out for Supremacy of the British Isles during the Middle Ages – the ‘Castle Age’. Play as England, Ireland, France, Scotland or Wales and re-write history! Each player takes on the role of ruler; setting taxes, dealing with rebellions, leading armies into battle and using all their powers of cunning and diplomacy to advance their civilisation. Wear the crown of over 50 famous characters from history, from Alfred the Great to Henry VIII… Charlemagne to William the Conqueror… William Wallace to Queen Elizabeth I… and many more!

Players act as rulers of England, Ireland, France, Scotland or Wales, battling it out for supremacy.

Siege® covers over 800 years of history split into 12 turns. Players must survive turbulent events from the Viking invasion through the devastation of the Black Death to the Spanish Armada, culminating in the ascension of James I (Scotland’s James VI) who was the first monarch to unite the British Isles in 1603. Which nation in your game of Siege® will take his crown? This is the age where castles dominated; the ruler gained his power from the castles he built, the battalions and weaponry they could sustain, and the territories he controlled. Who will rise to the challenge and rule supreme?